Operations Manager

Carla is an experienced Operations Professional with extensive management and operational efficiency experience in various industries.  Her passion for simplifying complex issues led her to pursue a career in Operations, where she can innovate, streamline, and add value to businesses.  She takes pride in her collaborative approach to working across different business functions, ensuring everyone works together towards achieving common objectives. 

Carla draws upon her technical expertise to make data-driven decisions to optimize productivity and minimize waste while focusing on Learning and development opportunities to support her team.  She analyzes key metrics to use those insights gained to allocate resources effectively, such as increasing process implementation and efficiency by 25% and reducing costs by 15% while successfully managing a team of 75 people as a Senior Operations Manager for an International Commercial Real Estate firm.  Additionally, she has successfully implemented inventory management tracking tools that saved a company 22% of their product waste while maximizing machine throughput by 12% YOY during her tenure as the Director of Operations for a successful 3D Printing company in Orange County.   

Carla holds a BA in English Literature with a minor in English from California State University, Fullerton, and an AA in Business Administration.  When she is not busy finding ways to work smarter or implement efficient processes, she enjoys spending quality time with her two daughters and reading any book she can get her hands on.    


Project & Contract Management, Strategic Planning, Continuous Improvement, Organizational Development

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