Director of Business Development

Oliver Gunn brings fifteen years of media, marketing, analytics, and consulting experience to the MatrixPoint team. Having begun his career at a large digital agency working directly with a myriad of Fortune 500 retail, lifestyle, and financial services firms, he decided to pursue more growth-focused roles at various startups, five of which have seen successful exits to-date. Through his time working at many different touchpoints within the digital ecosystem, Oliver is intimately familiar with the inner workings and capabilities of the many types of players in the space. This diversity of experience enables Oliver to devise creative, bespoke business strategies for clients across industry verticals and digital channels, from branding initiatives to hyper-growth direct response programs.

Oliver is currently the Director of Business Development at MatrixPoint Consulting and is responsible for conceiving sapient business strategies for clients, leveraging competitive advantages to drive revenue, garner efficiency, and exceed company goals. His primary focus is to return transparency and control to businesses that are interested in governing their own futures. MatrixPoint Consulting’s mission is to Achieve More, and that’s precisely what Oliver looks to accomplish every day with a vision of transforming how business is done.  

Oliver attended Georgetown University, where he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In addition to strategizing paths to profitability growth and business wins for MatrixPoint clients, Oliver spends his nights and weekends pursuing his MBA from Syracuse University with a concentration in Business Analytics. He is particularly excited about being able to leverage his formal studies in financial data modeling, artificial intelligence applications, and neural network formation in order to accelerate the magnitude of MatrixPoint’s impact on clients’ businesses, and to unlock new opportunities in the marketplace that were previously unachievable.


Marketing & Media Consulting, Data Analytics, Strategy Development

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