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With the explosion of data and information sharing among digital platforms, partners and vendors, it has become increasingly difficult to control how personal data is managed within most businesses. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as a flood of other new laws sweeping across the United States and around the world, requires that companies take control of their data or be held accountable.

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Artificial Intelligence solutions are becoming more relevant to your business every day. In competitive markets, those who embrace AI and machine learning as part of their business processes will move ahead of the curve. You need to evaluate where and how AI powered process automation can support your business and build solutions that address your most pressing business needs.

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Compliance with data privacy regulations is becoming mandatory around the world, but that doesn’t mean customer data is going away—it means you have to be smarter and more strategic about how you leverage data as a part of your business strategy. Data intelligence is an integral part of your overall success. Having a well thought out and efficient strategy will help you craft more effective customer engagement programs that drive sales, nurture loyalty and grow revenue.

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The media landscape is constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest trends, opportunities and pitfalls in digital media and entertainment can be difficult to manage and maximize value. You may have a mix of media agencies, publishers and 3rd party vendors all providing some service, but are they truly creating value and driving your business forward?

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