Applying Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Digital Marketing

By MatrixPoint

Thanks to incredible advances in technology, and especially the leaps and bounds seen recently in artificial intelligence, modern digital marketing campaigns have become much more powerful and incredibly more complicated than ever before. Simply put, AI is currently revolutionizing the way that digital marketing is handled.

AI is now being used to automate digital marketing across several different disciplines, primarily impacting Search Marketing, Programmatic Advertising and Social Media Marketing strategies. And the huge improvement in results between traditional campaigns vs. AI-powered campaigns speaks volumes about the importance of modernizing your digital marketing strategy, tactics and tools.

What benefits do applications of AI in digital marketing offer? Speed, efficiency, and ROI improvements top the list of the most important reasons to consider utilizing the technology. AI-driven digital marketing campaigns can be far more flexible, more responsive, more tailored, targeted and precise than traditional manual campaigns.

With this seismic shift in technology and the introduction of much more powerful analytics platforms and tools now available, many marketers and brands are finding themselves simply overloaded by all the data, platforms and options, leading to difficulty in determining which AI applications make sense for their campaigns.

This has made it incredibly difficult for marketing managers to adapt their strategies to the most modern solutions, and especially for those not well-versed in digital advertising to tell which of these new AI- marketing tools and platforms are actually useful, and which ones are mere marketing gimmicks.

Fortunately, the digital marketing experts at MatrixPoint have the knowledge and experience needed to review your campaigns, determine which AI technologies make sense for your specific application, and provide detailed recommendations on how you can leverage them to generate maximum value for your marketing dollars.


Improving Marketing ROI With Automated Solutions And AI-Based Systems

Artificial Intelligence has completely transformed the way brands do business, especially in the digital marketing arena. Recent data shows that the global AI market is expected to grow up to $118.6 billion by 2025.

AI’s primary roles in the digital marketing space revolve around its ability to quickly and accurately analyze data and adjust advertising campaign parameters (like budgets, bids, targets, etc.) in real-time, much more quickly than a human would ever be able to do.

The reason you should consider implementing AI-based systems for your campaigns is that they’re absolutely excellent at analyzing the marketing data our digital campaigns thrive on and helping you to make better decisions about where to spend, how much to spend, who to target, and what to say to each specific consumer your campaign engages with.

That’s what makes the application of AI in marketing so powerful; these platforms allow you to personalize the entire marketing experience from step 1, boosting conversion rates and driving much more successful marketing campaigns.

Moreover, AI has significantly reduced the risks associated with human errors (including incorrect data analyses or interpretations) by automating human-dependent processes. Some digital firms who’ve deployed AI solutions have even been able to reduce team sizes by a significant margin, allowing them to either offer more competitive rates to their advertisers.

AI’s marketing benefits are particularly important for those channels where the new technologies can be easily integrated into existing processes, and we’re seeing the best opportunities for performance improvements in Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Programmatic Advertising.

Next, let’s look at the role of AI in digital marketing for each of those specific channels.

Using AI to Automate Search Marketing

Search Marketing is a numbers game, with perfect data capture, and the ability to tailor the entire funnel of marketing decisions based on robust, accurate data, which makes it a perfect candidate for AI integration.

By deploying modern AI solutions to search marketing tasks, you’ll be able to automate the creation of ads, the selection of keyword targets, the setting of bids, and essentially all of the other important tasks that determine success for PPC and CPC campaigns.

In addition, we’re finding that AI-driven bid management platforms are helping marketing teams to significantly reduce the amount of time each PPC Manager needs to dedicate to each account, allowing rapid scaling and cost reductions for the team or agency, all while improving results and helping to protect against costly mistakes and errors.

AI solutions are even being utilized to help with reporting, turning “Reports” into “Analyses” by surfacing actionable insights about what’s working really well, not working well at all, and essentially giving a roadmap for future campaign strategy, at the ad group and even keyword-level.

Using AI to Automate Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads already produce excellent results, even when campaigns are run manually, but once connected to the latest AI-driven platforms, Google Ads campaigns become capable of producing absolutely stellar results.

We’re no longer in the infancy of Google Ads automation either; there are now all sorts of options for leveraging new technologies to improve click-through rates, reduce cost per action, and generate better ROI.

The most powerful AI solutions for Google Ads typically include a mix of automated bidding and automated campaign options, giving PPC Managers the ability to analyze, interpret, and optimize their efforts to maximize clicks, hit target CPAs, hit target ROAS, or simply increase conversions.

AI solutions have already had a huge impact on Google Ads results, so if you’re still running campaigns in an entirely manual fashion, there’s a very good chance that your performance has already plummeted.

Using AI to Automate Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing remains a relatively new discipline compared to some of the old guard digital standards, and it’s changed dramatically over the past couple of years thanks to new tools and platforms, especially with the rise of PPC-type campaigns available on all of the bigger networks.

Since Paid Social Media Marketing operates so similarly to traditional Pay Per Click campaigns, it’s also an excellent target for AI implementation, and there are now several different AI-driven platforms that have been developed exclusively for assisting Social Media marketing campaigns.

Just like we saw in the traditional PPC space, AI-powered systems are now helping Social Media Marketers choose audience targets, pick messaging points, and set bids and budget allocations in real-time, based on real-world performance data that helps drive much better results than traditional campaigns were ever able to achieve.

Forward-thinking clients utilizing the latest AI technologies have even started deploying AI-based chatbots to help respond to Social Media messages in real-time, making the Social Media experience that much more rewarding for consumers who do choose to engage with the brands playing an active role in the Social space.

These systems allow brands to respond quickly to customers, providing relevant answers, information or solutions to consumer queries, as well as helping to create that feeling of a personalized, custom-tailored experience Social Media users crave.

Using AI to Automate Facebook Ads Campaigns

The secret that Facebook Ads really do work has been out for years, but what many Facebook marketers haven’t quite figured out yet is that running these campaigns manually simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

The results of Facebook marketing can be significantly improved via a whole host of AI-driven solutions now widely available for Facebook marketers. And while some of these systems really aren’t worth the cost, those campaigns utilizing the most appropriate machine-learning technologies are capable of producing far superior performance when compared to traditional, human-powered efforts.

Which tools are worth utilizing, and which are all hype? Matrix Point’s Facebook marketing experts have tested all of the available platforms, vetted them vs a variety of verticals and objectives, and are prepared to guide your team through selecting and utilizing the perfect mix of Facebook automation tools needed to improve your results.

Using AI to Automate Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is one of the first channels to adopt AI-driven solutions as it is absolutely perfect for receiving support from Artificial Intelligence systems.

After all, Programmatic’s development grew out of the desire to automate the bulky, slow, and costly traditional media buying experience for display advertising, and now that there’s so much data and so many new triggers to help determine targets, budgets and messaging, AI offers an excellent opportunity to both streamline campaigns by making them more efficient, while also improving results by making campaigns far more effective.

Those brands and agencies leveraging AI-based solutions for their programmatic marketing needs are generating much faster, much better results than their competitors who have chosen to continue utilizing traditional resources, and if anyone digital channel could end up being run entirely by AI technologies, Programmatic is the most likely candidate.

If you’re looking to improve the results of your Programmatic efforts, we absolutely recommend reviewing available AI solutions and integrating them into your current processes as soon as possible.


The Future of AI Automation for Digital Marketers

We predict that AI’s role in digital marketing will grow exponentially in the years ahead, as new systems, data sets, and platforms continue to adopt machine learning processes to help review performance data and make more intelligent, real-time, performance-based decisions that lead to far superior results.

AI is likely to continue rapidly advancing the efficiencies and processes for audience selection, targeting, bid optimization, reporting, and virtually every other part of the digital marketing ecosystem, especially for those channels that allow for perfect (or even near-perfect) data capture.

There’s truly no better time than the present to start looking into available options for integrating AI solutions into your existing digital marketing processes, as those brands and agencies who adopt the strategy first are likely to generate much better results than their competitors who refuse to utilize these powerful new technologies.


Get The Most Out Of AI-Driven Marketing Solutions With MatrixPoint

Without experience in the field, it’s extremely difficult to come up with an efficient, cost-effective automation strategy leveraging the latest advances in AI.

If you’re looking to add scale to your campaigns or improve their results and efficiencies, then you need a partner who has already deployed AI solutions and who can help make intelligent decisions about which systems, technologies, platforms and processes should be updated, and which can be left alone.

MatrixPoint’s team of AI-driven marketing specialists can help you analyze all of your digital marketing campaigns to look for opportunities to deploy AI technologies that are sure to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

We also offer end-to-end AI software solutions designed specifically for marketers who are capable of delivering near-full automation to each digital channel, sure to save you time, energy, and improve the results of all of your marketing efforts.

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