We are catalysts for change, empowering businesses to pivot confidently and uncover new approaches for success

How We Help

MatrixPoint is committed to helping businesses Achieve More. Our team of marketing experts (operations, strategy, media, technology, and data privacy/compliance) is focused on addressing critical pain points, optimizing resources, identifying growth opportunities, and increasing efficiencies


Transform the Way Your Organization Does Business

We provide insights to help companies realize the full sales and marketing potential
Our experts help companies evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing activities
We provide multi-sourced staff augmentation and expert consulting to support your marketing team
We provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts to help drive business efficiencies
We help maximize your data to ensure efficient and well- informed business decisions
We build, implement, and manage data privacy programs to keep companies data privacy compliant

We are Committed to Helping Businesses Achieve More

See how we can generate 'more with less' for your business through structured methodologies, innovative thinking, data-driven decision-making, and systemic analysis


MatrixPoint: Catalysts for change, empowering businesses to realize their full potential.



Becoming Compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other Privacy Laws


We are Witnessing a Global Trend of Data Privacy Regulations

Although complying with data privacy laws can be complex and costly, the risk of not complying is even greater. We help by delivering data privacy programs to comply with state, federal, and global data compliance regulations.

5 Steps to Becoming CCPA Compliant Guide to CCPA Violations, Fines & Penalties

The Landscape of Digital Media is Changing

We believe that companies deserve transparency and control of their marketing and media efforts. We can provide you with the tools to create an effective marketing and media plan to achieve your target ROI.

How to Analyze if Your Media Plan Works Data Modeling Techniques and Best Practices for Digital Marketing Success


Digital Media Transparency and Ensuring Media Effectiveness



Our processes and tools work for businesses of all sizes and across verticals

We work within Hospitality, QSR/Casual Dining, CPG, Education, and Retail industries. As a transformative partner, MatrixPoint is more than just a consultant; we are catalysts for change, empowering marketers to pivot confidently and uncover new approaches for success. Our 98% client satisfaction rating is more than a metric, it’s who we are.
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