Data Analytics

The large volume of data that is generated is growing per second and is coming in from a multitude of sources and platforms. This data can be harvested to help companies of all sizes in organizing campaigns, minimizing costs, targeting content, and even finding new revenue sources in real-time. However, the struggle is knowing how and when to utilize the data that you are collecting and how to operate in more efficient ways and make well-informed business decisions.

In order to maximize your data and analytics you must look at four main components: data strategy and utilization, data modeling, data visualization, and data management.



Whatever space you compete in, a robust data strategy is a key part of your overall business strategy and essential to success. Your data strategy will help you craft more effective marketing programs that get the most value from your budget.

A well thought out and executed data strategy can provide a better understanding of your customer, expand your customer base, improve loyalty, lower infrastructure costs and increase profitability. Our team works with organizations to develop a thorough understanding of their vision, goals, strategy, and customers. We have a proven process to understand the company’s various data sources, providing actionable insights into customer behavior.



Data modeling can provide deep insight into customer profiles and behaviors, generating new selling opportunities and helping to gauge the effectiveness of marketing programs.

We create models from the different sources of data and use a variety of techniques to improve efficiency and decision-making.

Data modeling provides a framework to evaluate marketing and business activities and helps inform the overall strategy. Data models are built during the analysis and design phases of a project, but can also be applied for established projects to help identify efficiencies.



Data visualization uses graphic elements to demonstrate trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Data visualization tools play a key role in analysis and reporting, and enables more informed decision-making.

We setup and build web-based reporting solutions that provide a real-time view of what is going on in your business – from sales and marketing to shipping and distribution.

We partner with platforms such as Tableau, Tapclicks, Microsoft Power BI and Dataroma.


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