PURVIEW™ is a proprietary tool that maps out custom trading zones around every client location.

Our analysis revealed that when geo-location tags are deployed in digital media to support a specific list of retail locations with a standard 3, 5 or 10 mile trading zone that is typically used for every store, the result is in an extremely inefficient media plan.  Through the use of custom data and technology we have built a new tool – PURVIEW™ – that identifies a custom trading zone for every store location.

Once that custom trading zone is automatically translated into zip codes to be covered for every location, that data is critical for planning programmatic and digital media, advanced TV, out-of-home, and audio options, as well as the more traditional newspaper options, all of which can be bought with much greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

PURVIEW™’s initial data source comes from opt in in-app surveys.

The panel consists of over 3 million always-on respondents that are constantly tracked with all the locations they visit and that completely anonymized data is passed to PURVIEW™ and maintained in a database.  This provides us with a large single source data panel that tells us anonymized individuals travel from their home zip codes to any store or retail location our clients want to identify. 

PURVIEW™ then ingests and overlays Vizio Smart TV 14MM household panel detailed viewing data that reveals the exact household usage of streaming devices (e.g. Amazon Firestic/Roku) and Smart TV apps (e.g. YouTube, Tubi TV) to better inform our investments in Connected and Addressable TV.


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