Data Compliance

MatrixPoint’s data privacy and compliance services help you to better understand how your organization collects and uses consumer data. We then work with you to build, implement, and manage data privacy programs to comply with state, federal, and global data compliance regulations.

Our privacy consulting services have been designed by industry experts and are delivered by a team of privacy consultants with deep expertise and real-world experience managing privacy compliance programs for companies across industries and geographies.

Complying with data privacy laws can be complex and costly, but the risk of not complying is even greater. Our goal is to not only help our clients achieve and maintain data privacy compliance, but to see it as a business advantage using data more strategically, and effectively creating long-term trust with their customers.



Solutions to manage data privacy and compliance for state and global regulations.

  • Educate your senior team on key elements of privacy law & compliance

  • Organizational assessments

  • Data audit & inventory

  • Data mapping

  • Data processes & governance creation or update

  • Software implementation

  • Vendor evaluations

  • Company-wide education

  • DSAR handling and reporting

  • Additional protocols for data management and warehousing, website compliance, agreement terms, consumer data requests, and breach response

  • Ongoing compliance support services

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Identify who in your organization creates, accesses or manages data. Audit existing policies and procedures. Inventory all data sources and where data is being stored. Evaluate current vendors and partners that you share data with. Assess current privacy risk exposure.


Data compliance and other new data privacy laws coming into effect require specific updates to your privacy policies, term and conditions, disclaimers and other legal documentation. But, governance is about more than just policies. Your business needs to define the rules around how the business manages data and then train managers and employees on these rules of engagement. With new laws and regulations coming into effect regularly, this is an ongoing process.


Perhaps the most critical component of data privacy is a consumer’s right to request, review and manage how you use their personal information. You must have a process for the requests to be initiated, validated, and answered along with a way to implement preference changes and deletion requests. Additionally, all of these actions must be logged and stored for proof of compliance.


Map the flow of data in and out of your company. Where do you acquire it? How do you use it? Who do you share it with? For what business purposes?


Unlike software platforms or operational processes that can be implemented and forgotten about, the flood of various state data privacy regulations require ongoing management, updating, training, response, and reporting. MatrixPoint works with your organization to build consumer data privacy compliance into your business processes and our consulting services are there to help you stay compliant in the future.


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