Data Privacy Compliance

Protecting your customers’ personal information and data privacy is mission-critical for your business. MatrixPoint is at the forefront of data privacy and compliance assessments – from collection of personal customer data and storage to how it is utilized – that ensure a brand secures their sensitive data.

Data privacy and protection laws in the U.S. are currently developed and applied State by State. Without a federal set of rules to provide consistency, being aware of and understanding each State’s laws, and the process other States may be in of developing privacy requirements, is critical to ensure consumer protection and prevent potential significant liabilities. MatrixPoint’s privacy and compliance experts track, detail, and help brands institute processes designed to reflect the privacy laws.

As part of our services, we can provide our Verified Private program that conveys your brand has collected or processed personal data responsibly and that practices have been implemented and verified by an expert third party. Businesses that display the Verified Private Trustmark on their website demonstrate they are compliant with regulatory requirements and external standards for privacy accountability.

Data Privacy and Compliance Solutions

Legal Compliance

Adherence to data privacy regulations is not only ethical but a legal requirement in many States. Violating consumer data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), can result in severe financial penalties, legal consequences, and damage to customer trust. MatrixPoint's experts can ensure your compliance through our comprehensive understanding of privacy laws and their application.

Trust and Reputation

Privacy-conscious consumers actively seek companies that prioritize their data protection. Consumer trust is a cornerstone in creating brand loyalty and driving short- and long-term success. A breach of privacy can irreparably damage your reputation and expose you legally and financially. MatrixPoint helps brands implement stringent data privacy practices and processes to protect their consumer’s data and the company, as required State by State, strengthening customer retention, attracting new customers, and maintaining their reputation.

Risk Management

MatrixPoint works with your internal teams to define risk tolerance levels for marketing investments, monitoring and managing risks associated with existing marketing programs and ongoing campaign engagements. We ensure your initiatives are strategically aligned with the brand's goals and that any potential risk is identified and addressed.

Data Security and Intellectual Property Protection

Beyond legal compliance, protecting your customers' data is essential for safeguarding your business's intellectual property and proprietary information. MatrixPoint analyzes and secures data practices to help prevent unauthorized access, industrial espionage, and the theft of sensitive information.


Step 1: Assess

Identify who in your organization creates, accesses or manages data. Audit existing policies and procedures. Inventory all data sources and where data is being stored. Evaluate current vendors and partners that you share data with. Assess current privacy risk exposure.

Step 2: Govern

With new data compliance and other data privacy laws coming into effect, businesses will need to update their privacy policies, term and conditions, disclaimers and other legal documentation. Training managers and employees on these rules of engagement will be an ongoing process.

Step 3: Respond

Perhaps the most critical component of data privacy is a consumer’s right to request, review and manage how their personal information is used. You must have a process for the requests to be initiated, validated and answered along with a way to implement preference changes and deletion requests.

Step 4: Map

Map the flow of consumer data in and out of your company to ensure you are able to respond back to a legal data request. Where do you acquire it? How do you use it? Who do you share it with? For what business purposes? Mapping can be completed by using sophisticated platforms to excel sheets depending upon the complexity and needs of your organization.

Step 5: Maintain

Unlike software platforms or operational processes that can be implemented and forgotten about, the various state data privacy regulations require ongoing management, updating, training, response and reporting. We work with your organization to build consumer data privacy compliance into your business processes.

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