Media Consulting

Amid rapid changes in digital technology, the media landscape is constantly shifting. In this new reality, advertisers need to stay current and adjust to the ways that content and information are consumed. Our experts will work with you to identify opportunities to improve media campaigns by analyzing selected vendors, agencies and ensure you are getting what you are paying for and help you negotiate or in-house your media.


What to Consider When In-Housing Media


Media Analysis

We help companies evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing activities ranging from strategy, media mix, vendor selection, setup and optimizations. Our objective is to provide a non-biased analysis and recommendations of the media activities.

  • Media strategy
  • Media campaign analysis and audit
  • Platform usage and controls
  • Vendor selection process and contract audit
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measurement
  • Media expansion and opportunities

Media Implementation and In-House Practice

MatrixPoint media implementation and in-housing practice provide solutions that help companies evaluate options to improve their media or in-house a portion or all of their marketing needs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients can be successful without being dependent on third parties.

Agency and vendor contract negotiation
Ensure transparency and client control
Setup and train in-house teams
Social media, search marketing and programmatic media
eCommerce setup and management
Identify platforms, apps and solutions
Media automation implementation
Identify and implement machine learning solutions
CRM strategy and implementation
Evaluate platform and implement communication strategy
Quarterly media auditing
Review transparency, performance, ad fraud and viewability
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