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Brands looking to successfully connect with consumers and sell products or services online have to learn a difficult lesson: digital marketing isn’t just important—it’s vital to achieving success.

From the rise of smartphones to smart speakers, increasing access to information has led consumers to expect a much more personalized and far more engaging experience from brands.

In fact, consumer behavior has changed radically in just the last several years, requiring brands to completely rethink their digital marketing strategies and to test new channels, new processes, and new ideas.

To succeed in the modern hyper-competitive, digital marketplace, brands need to do a much better job spending their limited advertising dollars to ensure they’re not only generating maximum reach but also targeting the right audiences, serving the right messages, and maximizing their return on investment.

With global e-commerce sales expected to hit the $4.5 trillion mark by 2021, most organizations have already migrated to a digital-centric media strategy, and for those hold-out businesses still prioritizing traditional marketing strategies, it is not a matter of if – but when – they cross the divide.

Some brands find no trouble crossing over and extending their traditional media strategies into the digital ecosystem, but that’s typically the exception, not the rule.

For most organizations, going digital is no easy task, which is why MatrixPoint has created a streamlined, cost-effective online marketing consulting process to help bridge the gap.

As one of the leading digital marketing consulting firms, MatrixPoint’s team of seasoned digital media veterans are prepared to guide your organization through the process of evaluating, testing, and running highly successful digital marketing campaigns while providing you complete control.

Guided by years of industry experience, MatrixPoint helps clients find the best way to advertise online, designing a sophisticated media marketing strategy utilizing the right channels, messaging points, and reporting solutions to generate maximum ROI.

Our media-agnostic approach utilizes performance data, not assumptions, to determine exactly what your digital media strategy should look like.

And our affordable digital marketing consulting services are flexible, customizable, and scalable, so we can help whether you’re a major Fortune 500 or a small e-commerce shop.

We’ll work with you to figure out what your digital audiences want from you and then help you deliver on all counts. No matter what your product, industry, or niche may be, we have the experience to get you the results you want.


What Is Media Consulting?

To make the most of your digital marketing strategy, you need to do much more than just hit campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Your digital media strategy must utilize the right platforms, target the right audiences, serve the right messages at the right times, and track performance throughout the entire sales funnel to properly attribute conversions and accurately determine your marketing ROI. Furthermore, your digital display campaigns, pay-per-click strategies, search engine optimization efforts, social media posts, and blogs won’t generate maximum value unless you’ve got perfect measurement and tracking in place to monitor exactly how well each campaign is performing.

This is where the digital media consultants at MatrixPoint come in; we know how to choose the right channels, allocate limited budgets, build audience targets and shape creative to ensure that all of your marketing dollars stretch as far as possible.

Our advanced digital media consulting service will review the entire spectrum of digital marketing possibilities, carefully selecting the best possible avenues for your brand, products, and services, and then build a plan that leverages the opportunities to maximize your return on investment.

Our media consultants will ensure your marketing strategies are aligned with the latest trends, utilizing the best technologies, and measuring everything that happens from impression to purchase, allowing you to optimize each step of the sales funnel.

MatrixPoint’s core capabilities lie in our ability to track everything throughout the media marketing process, and it’s our ability to gather data and interpret the numbers and facts that let us stand out from the pack.

Having run thousands of digital marketing campaigns, our team knows just where to look for actionable insights, and just how to react to those findings by making data-driven, results-oriented changes that ensure better ROI.

It may seem simpler, easier or cheaper to invest in the latest hot-ticket data or analytics platform; however, please keep in mind that the difficult part of digital marketing isn’t collecting the data, but interpreting it and making decisions about what your analytics are indicating.

The ability to effectively interpret the data produced by these platforms is what separates successful marketing campaigns from floundering failures, and that ability comes from years of experience in the space, not from a monthly licensing agreement.


How to Perfect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As digital marketing continues to evolve and incorporate integrated artificial intelligence algorithms and entirely new consumer touchpoints like augmented reality, perhaps only one thing is certain: a static marketing strategy is likely to lead to abject failure.

To ensure the long-term success of your digital marketing efforts, it will be essential to have an expert partner who can help your business remain in command of the changing opportunities and who is aware of new landscapes, new technologies, and new processes capable of reaching and converting your target audience.

MatrixPoint’s media consulting service won’t just assess and improve your current media strategy, we’ll help guide your brand through the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape that’s sure to come over the next decade.

MatrixPoint’s digital marketing consulting services begin with a detailed review of all elements and processes used in your current marketing strategy, including:

Media Analysis and Auditing Consulting

We’ll conduct a full review of your existing marketing processes, analyzing and offering recommendations for each step of the process, from your contracts to marketing platforms, channel-specific strategies and results, CRM integration, KPIs, and reporting platforms.

This analysis will ensure we can design a detailed recommendation for exactly what you should do next and will include a comprehensive review for each of the following elements:

Vendor & Agency Contract Analysis

A transparent contract is key to a mutually beneficial partnership. Our experts will review your contracts with media vendors and agencies to look for discrepancies, evaluate transparency and control language, providing suggestions for any needed updates.

Vendor Platform Analysis & Recommendation

We ensure complete media transparency by analyzing for fraud potential and designing protections against it, whether the threat comes via technology or at the hands of the vendor staff.

E-Commerce Analysis

With so many e-commerce platforms available, it takes real experience in the field to determine which platform, and what marketing strategies, are ideal for your needs. MatrixPoint will suggest the right mix to help maximize your ROI.

CRM Platform & Strategy Analysis

Which Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform should you be utilizing, and how should it be worked into your marketing campaign flow? MatrixPoint will review, analysis and recommend both the ideal platform and strategy.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Measurement Tools Analysis

MatrixPoint will review your core KPIs, ensuring you’re using the right indicators to properly track campaign success, but we’ll also review the platforms you’re using to collect KPIs and other data, providing recommendations to streamline the measurement process, perfect data capture, and identify actionable insights.

Marketing Campaign Performance Analysis

We’ll review and provide recommendations for which media channels are working most effectively, offering suggestions for budget allocations based on a detailed mixed media analysis.

Activation Consulting

Armed with the information collected in the processes outlined above, we’ll create a transparent implementation and team training plan based on your specific needs. Our goal is to train your team to own your own contracts, data, and relationships.


Improve Your Media Strategy with MatrixPoint

It’s not easy to design an effective media strategy, but MatrixPoint is here to help walk your team through the process of evaluating what you’ve already got in play, where the opportunities are for improvement, and what updates need to be deployed to ensure your campaigns operate at maximum efficiency.

Creating and executing sophisticated digital marketing and media consulting strategy is something that no single individual can do on their own, which is why MatrixPoint offers a full team of experts in each process and channel.

There’s a reason that our team of experts has earned us a reputation for being one of the leading online advertising consulting firms; we’ve helped hundreds of companies generate better results.

MatrixPoint has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to identify opportunities to improve your media campaigns.

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