Staff Augmentation

We provide companies with strategic additional headcount to supplement their own in-house teams. This incremental, additive staffing approach empowers organizations with the ability to scale their workforce up or down based on fluctuating project and business needs, all without the long-term commitment and overhead expenses associated with hiring full-time employees.

MatrixPoint delivers multi-sourced staff augmentation and expert consulting to support marketing and media teams, offering seamless flexibility and scale to any size project. Choose from multiple engagement models and get immediate access to a range of talent to scale up your strategic business priorities efficiently.

To get a sense of the process involved in augmenting your bandwidth capabilities, here are a few best-practice steps we’d pursue to kick off a staff augmentation strategy:

Staff Augmentation

A Deep Talent Pool

MatrixPoint can help you scale your workforce up or down as needed. We identify suitable candidates from our pool of talented professionals, or we conduct a search to find experts who match your requirements depending on available resources and circumstances. This includes temporary or permanent hires that could be domestic, offshored or nearshored quickly to ensure your needs are met without loss to service or output.

Cost and Efficiency

Our strategic approach to staff augmentation delivers talented staff more cost efficiently by saving you the overhead expenses associated with hiring full-time employees (e.g., benefits, training, and infrastructure). And with immediate access to the needed skill sets we curtail lengthy recruitment processes giving you time back and the ability to achieve faster.

Overarching Audits

MatrixPoint can help identify a need for additional workforce resources to complete a project, handle increased workload, or access specialized skills not available at your company. Through our comprehensive audit - specific roles, skill sets, experience, and project/task duration we will outline recommendations to achieve more with less. If a given project requires more resources incremental staffing can be quickly sourced. And for future projects, we work with you to assess need and deliver the staff to best achieve more with less. And when projects end, the additional resources can be disbanded without any long-term employment commitment.

These core components of staff augmentation allow companies to leverage fresh outside expertise and resources to meet short-term goals without the longer-term obligations of full-time staffing, making it a flexible and efficient strategy for many businesses.

The Benefits of Working With The Matrixpoint Team:

  • Simplify talent acquisition
  • Scale up or down faster
  • Be productive from day one
  • Maximize your company staff
  • Better innovation deployment
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